Making an

It's Worth a Trip

Aim For The Best

Our goal for every patient is that they lead a normal life without seizures and without side effects. While this goal cannot be achieved in all cases, a systematic approach that recognizes that epilepsy must be treated continuously over many years can lead to a dramatic improvement in the quality of life for just about everyone. MINCEP has learned that without a precise seizure and epilepsy syndrome diagnosis, choosing a proper treatment plan becomes a matter of chance. The correct choice of medical or surgical therapy is necessary but not sufficient. A proper treatment plan must also address the psychological, social, educational and developmental issues that patients with seizures face as well.

You Are Co-Captain Of The Team

MINCEP brings together the energies of an interdisciplinary team of epileptologists, consulting neurosurgeons, psychologists, neuropsychologists, pharmacists, nurse clinicians, neurodiagnostic technologists, medical technologists and many other specialties. Included on that team are the patient's family physician and neurologist who will help carry out the treatment plan when the patient returns home. THE CO-CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM IS THE PATIENT. THE PATIENT HELPS TO SET THE GOALS BECAUSE IT IS THE PATIENT'S LIFE WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO IMPROVE.

Why Should I Care About A Precise Diagnosis Of Seizure Type And Syndrome?

With many new effective medical and surgical treatments it is more important than ever to know precisely what is being treated. Otherwise treatment becomes a matter of chance. A precise diagnosis focuses action and reduces the time to achieve control.

At MINCEP, We Never Stop Learning

Epilepsy care is rapidly evolving. New information, technical developments, medicines and surgical procedures are continuously being added at MINCEP. Our team has the knowledge and years of experience to reach expert group decisions on what is useful and how to use it. It's as important to know what not to do as it is to know what can be done. MINCEP continuously assesses its outcomes and has become a model of continuous quality improvement.

MINCEP Is Committed To Quality Of Life

Complete seizure control is a priority at MINCEP. But while that is necessary, it's not sufficient. We treat the impact of seizures on every aspect of life. We have a wellness approach that the patient and the family can follow as an integrated part of our treatment plan. While it's important to prevent the secondary disabilities associated with a seizure disorder, it is equally important to reach out to life in a positive way. We emphasize family education, stress management techniques, and dietary approaches, coming from a sound scientific base and not simply from wishful thinking.