Billing Policies

Your MINCEP Visit

A copy of your current medical insurance card is required at each visit.

Co-payments are due at the time of your visit.

If your insurance provider requires that you have a referral, you must obtain the referral prior to being seen or hospitalized by MINCEP. If you do not have the proper referral, you are responsible for payment of all charges.

On an annual basis, you will be asked to sign an Assignment of Benefits form. This form authorizes the MINCEP Business Office to submit a claim for third party medical benefits and authorizes the third party to pay these benefits directly to MINCEP. 

Service Provided

Services provided by MINCEP are billed as they are incurred. While the filing of insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend to our patients, you are ultimately responsible for all charges from the date the services are rendered. 

You may, over the course of your care at MINCEP, be referred for services of providers not employed by MINCEP. Billing statements issued by MINCEP will not reflect these charges. Health care providers from which you received the services will bill those services independently.

Payment for Service Provided

If MINCEP has an in-network contract with your insurance provider, our fees for services have been established by the terms of that contract. However, fees for co-pays, cost sharing, co-insurance, deductibles or other amounts deemed by your insurance company to be your responsibility are your responsibility and must be paid in full to MINCEP.

If MINCEP does not have an in-network provider contract with your insurance company, fees for services not paid by your insurance company are your responsibility. MINCEP will, however, assist in collecting benefits from your insurance company whenever possible.

Payments can be made in the form of cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Payments are required within 30-days of service on account balances designated as your responsibility. Unpaid balances of more than 60-days will be assessed a finance charge of 8% per annum.

If you are unable to make a timely payment due to a temporary financial problem, promptly contact the MINCEP Business Office for assistance in the management of unpaid balances at (952) 525-4522 or (800) 347-0609.

Explanation of Comprehensive Epilepsy Care to Insurers

Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UC&R) is a term used by insurance companies to determine fees for services. A few insurance companies have reimbursement tables based on statistical analysis that fail to distinguish between general neurological care and specialized care for epilepsy. In the case that provider payments are inadequate for the service rendered, MINCEP will issue an appeal of the UC&R amount.

We cannot predict if the insurer will increase payment after the appeal. As the patient, you are responsible for paying the full balance of the account during the appeal process. We will credit you for payments made by the insurer and refund any overpayments that are due you if the appeal process is successful. It is not uncommon for the appeal process to take some time to resolve.

Self-pay, Workers Compensation and Automobile Insurance

If you do not have insurance coverage or are disputing a worker's compensation or an automobile accident claim (for example you have not been referred directly by your worker's compensation or automobile carrier), you are considered self-pay. Payment is due the day services are provided.

Telephone Visits

Telephone visits are a service we provide as a convenience to our patients. We charge for phone visits with a few exceptions noted below. If your MINCEP doctor approves substituting a phone visit between office visits, you will be charged accordingly. Any charges not covered by insurance are your responsibility. For consistent and comprehensive care, we encourage all of our patients to schedule office visits.

Telephone visits, like office visits, are billed based on the level of complexity of the issues discussed.

We charge for:

  • Discussion of test and/or laboratory test results including medication adjustments (without an office visit)
  • Initiation of new therapy, a new plan of care or a new medicine (without an office visit)
  • Detailed discussion with a patient's family member (without an office visit)

We do not bill for a telephone visit in the following instances:

  • Follow-up discussion of medication adjustments based on laboratory tests performed during a recent (within seven days) MINCEP office visit
  • Request for medication refills by a pharmacy or patient
  • Clarification of instructions given from the hospital or office visit (within 5-days of discharge or 3-days of the follow-up office visit)
  • Phone call referral to an outside health care provider such as a psychiatrist or cardiologist

Contact the Billing Office

Contact the Business Office for all your questions regarding account charges and balances at (952) 525-4522 or (800) 347-0609.